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What are the functions of silicone-coated film release liners?

Nov 11, 2022


The purpose of silicone coating release film liner is to protect and transport an adhesive to its application and prevent adhesives from sticking.


Generally, the film is coated with single side (C1S) or double sides (C2S)



Single-sided silicone coated (C1S) release film liners:


C1S film liners provide protection for an adhesive that is laminated to a film carrier. Additionally, they are used as a die-cutting base due to the good performance of a good, flat, uniform surface. These C1S liners are mainly used as a delivery mechanism for adhesives undergoing automatic or manual labeling and graphic arts applications.



Double-sided coated (C2S) release film liners: 


C2S's silicone coating liners are filmic web coated on both sides with silicon-based release coatings that are designed to provide differing release force to the specific adhesives applied to them.


C2S's release liners provide a solution to protect and transport a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), fiber composite material or heat-sealable adhesive to various applications.


The double-sided silicone-coated film release liner can carry two adhesives with a substrate in between that can be wound onto and unwound from a roll. These double-sided coated liners are used when working with transfer adhesives, or using two different adhesives on two sides of a substrate.

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