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Categories and applications of Release films

Feb 15, 2023

Release films refer to a functional film with a separable surface;the film liners with tack or slight tack after contacting with specific materials within certain conditions.


The substrates of silicone-coated release liners include PET, PE, BOPP, PLA, etc. Based on the different requirements of release force and viscosity, the value should be adapted to various organic pressure-sensitive adhesives (such as hot-melt adhesives, acrylic adhesives, and rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesives) to achieve extremely light and stable release force.


Categories and applications


By substrates:


PE release film, PET release film, OPP release film, composite release film (The substrate is composed of two or more materials), etc.

By release force:


Easy release film, Medium release film, Tight release film.

By colors:


Red release film, White release film, Yellow release film, Green release film, Blue release film, and other color release films.

By surface treatment:


Single-sided release film, Double-sided release film, Silicon-free release film, Frosted release film, Matte release film, etc.

By Si contents:


Silicon-free release film,Siliconized release film.




Adhesive products 



Die cutting

Building materials

New energy and other industries 


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