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How to distinguish the surface of single-sided release film?

Nov 02, 2022

The single-sided release film must be coated with silicone on one side, so how do we distinguish them?


Generally, it is to be tested with tape. Bonding the tape to the surface of the film, the side that is easy to tear off is the release surface, and the side that is hard to tear off is the non-release surface.


The single-sided release film is made of PET/PE/PP film, and a layer of silicone is coated on one side to reduce the film's surface adhesion.


1. PET/PE/PP film is used as the base film. There is corona treatment in the factory for the plastic film. Corona treatment is to increase the adhesion of the film surface. What is adhesion? Adhesion is, for example, the adhesive tape is easy to stick, it is firmly attached, and it is not easy to tear off. The ink is printed well, and the ink will not drop. 


2. Coat one side of the film with a layer of silicone oil to reduce the adhesion of the film's surface. Note that if only one side is coated with silicone oil, then the adhesion of this side is reduced. If the tape is pasted on the side coated with silicone oil, the adhesion of this side is relatively low, which is easy to paste and separate. The other side is not coated with silicone oil, and the drop force is not reduced, so the tape is attached and it is not easy to tear off.



Therefore, using tape to test the release surface and non-release film of the single-sided release film is actually to test the adhesion of the release film. If the adhesion is low, it is suitable for release. If the bonding is normal, it is not easy to release.

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