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BOPLA tapes provide courier industries with a new choice

Jul 29, 2022

The total business volume of China’s express industry has increased year by year amazingly since 2015. The whole courier business reaches 12.47 billion pieces in Jan.2021, with a yearly increase of 124.7%. The China’s courier market rebounded strongly after the COVID-19.


As the rapid growth of courier scale, the needs for packaging materials have increased significantly. The sealing tapes consumed by China’s express industry can wrap around the earth thousands of times a year.  


However, the common base film of courier tape in the market is BOPP, which is not earth friendly. In order to protect our planet, the first mass production product in China, biodegradable BOPLA film developed by the Xiamen Jinyoung is expected to be applied on courier tape, and its performance is equivalent to that of BOPP in all aspects.


BOPLA advantages:

1.     Bio-based materials.

2.     Biodegradable.

3.     Good tensile strength.

4.     Excellent printing performance.

5.     High transparency, high gloss and low haze.

6.     The carbon footprint is more than 68% less than that of traditional fossil-based plastics.


Due to the mentioned advantages of BOPLA above, the BOPLA film tapes has appealed to a variety of industrial leaders, such as Logistics. Driven by the Goal of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality, the “Plastic Prohibition Order” in various fields will be implemented gradually, the biodegradable film materials represented by BOPLA will be used widely, and the era of green logistics will accelerate.


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